Who are we?

Donate AED is a non-profit organization based in Northern Virginia. Donate AED's primary focus will be to improve access to AEDs within youth sporting activities.  However, Donate AED will not limit their activities to just sports.  Non-profits where children may gather for activities will be included in our areas of focus.

"Twenty children die every day from SCA.  Access to AED's could cut those numbers in half."


Carter George


How can you help?

Donate AED is entirely donation based. 


You can help by donating through the button below, attending a fundraising event, or sponsoring the placement of an AED..

What is SCA?

Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) is when the heart stops properly pumping blood to the body.  Early CPR and AED intervention can improve survival by as much as 50%.  Some estimations are that 7000-9000 kids are affected by SCA each year.

#1 Killer of Student Athletes

SCA is the number one killer of student athletes.  Most non-school youth activities have little or no access to an AED.